2020-2021 Massachusetts Housing Market Heat Index Overview

2020 was truly a year for the history books. For the U.S. housing market, it was a year best symbolized by differentiation – on the one hand, 2020 saw a huge drop-off in the property value of apartments in major cities and districts, while on the other hand, bidding wars erupted for property in suburban areas and second-tier cities. The effects of great uncertainty and unforeseen difficulties ranged from person to person, and from place to place.

With a vaccine now available, will 2021 see a return to normal and a stabilization of the market? GeoHome’s data says otherwise: expect 2021 to be another tumultuous year in real estate. Find out who the winners and losers of the Massachusetts real estate market were in 2020-2021, and see the current GeoHome opportunity and risk analysis for the area, by downloading the latest version of the 2020-2021 Massachusetts Housing Market Heat Index Overview today:

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